Here is my servant, the one I uphold; my chosen, who brings me delight.
I’ve put my spirit upon him; he will bring justice to the nations.
Is. 42: 1 

 Servant: Lord, you  call us to serve you by recognising the image of Jesus, God made man, in every human being.  May we be instruments of your peace through work for Justice.  Bless all who work for what is right and who seek to heal the wounds of bigotry and religious division.

Uphold: Lord, you speak to us through Scripture, the Church and the Holy Spirit.  May we listen and so be more effective in doing your will.  We pray for all who uphold truth and defend the rights and dignity of those who are abused. 

Chosen:  Lord, you have chosen us to know, love and serve you.  May we take delight in doing your will by recognising the inestimable value of every human being.  May we see the face of Jesus in all who are distressed, maimed or diseased.  Strengthen all who care for the sick and comfort those who suffer.

Spirit: Lord, through the power of your Sprit strengthen us  so that we may be instruments witnessing to faith, giving hope to those who despair and showing love to those who have been rejected.  Protect all refugees and those who work to care for them.

 Justice: Lord, may we not fear seeking the justice without which peace cannot exist.  Where there is hatred may we sow love and forgiveness.  We pray for the most abandoned, the homeless, those forced to flee and those who suffer as a result of armed conflict.  We pray for those who are enslaved and used to satisfy the greed of others.  Sustain and guide all who promote human rights and who work to ensure that every person has a fair share of the world’s goods and resources. 

 Nations: We pray that the nations of the earth recognise a common humanity and the equal rights of people of every tribe and tongue.  We pray that leaders may overcome selfishness and vested interest.  Bless all who work for equality and inclusion, who seek to protect migrants and who welcome the stranger.                                                                             

Lord make us instruments of Justice and Peace   AMEN  


Resources for a Ministry of Welcome
“For I was a stranger and you made me Welcome” Matt. 25:35

Welcoming newcomers into the Church, be they immigrant or people from another part of the country, is very important. Here we provide links to existing training resources for a ministry of welcome.  Each is designed for use in Parishes and based on four training sessions.

"The Ministry of Welcome a Training Resource for Parishes
Portsmouth Diocese

"Welcome - a training resource for Parishes in the Ministry of Welcome.
Cork and Ross Diocese

Everybodys Welcome: This site set up by the Catholic Church in England and Wales.  In particular check the items on the left hand menu on the home page.  These give other downloadable recources on welcome packs, parish leaflets and also top tips - actions for each month of the year. .

Pastoral resources for Migrant Sunday

Mostly Word Documents this Resource contains materials that can easly be copied, cut, and pasted into your own Newsletters, booklets etc.  Please use these as you see fit, however, ff you do make use any of these items we would be grateful if Cois Tine is acknowledged as the source.


Christmas Greetings in different languages
The Christmas Greeting given below is translated in to  Romanian, French, Russian, Swalhil, Polish, Tagalog and Igbo - these can be copied and pasted into your Parish Newsletter.

“Welcome to all who have become part of our parish in the past year.  We are more than happy that you have joined our community and we hope that you will feel at home here.  We wish you and your dear ones, those who are near and those who are far away, the peace and joy of Christ this Christmas.”  Click here for translations


Patron Saints, National Feasts and Independence Days
An easy way to acknowledge the presence of Immigrants in the School or Congregation is to acknowledge or mark the feast of their national patron saint.  Perhaps a notice about the feast day could be included in the Parish Newsletter, mentioned during Mass or a notice put on the Church/School notice board.


Liturgy and Worship in a Multicultural Society 

Report on Conference held at Cois Tine on Saturday
23rd of February 2008.

Background: In recent years Ireland has been facing the challenge of finding ways to welcome people from many different cultures and countries. Th is is equally true when it comes to finding an appropriate response to varied expressions of spirituality in our churches and communities.  How can our liturgies and worship express and celebrate the richness and creativity of our new multicultural reality as well as deepen our own spirituality?