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A meal to mark the end of Ramadan and to acknowledge the effort and commitment of those who undertook the fast was held at Cois Tine on the 29th of August. Forty five people attended.  Some were first time visitors to Cois Tine.   Five of those who attended this event had also participated in the Muslim Christian women's meeting the previous Saturday.


mcdsmallMuslim-Christian Dialogue Workshop
How Muslims and Christians in get on with one another will have a major impact on the process of integration that is happening in Ireland as a result of the immigration that has taken place over the past decade or so. According to the 2011 census there are now 50,000 Muslims in Ireland and no doubt when a breakdown of census figures becomes available later this year it will show that at least one third of these are Irish citizens either by naturalisation, birth or origin. 

Muslims are a permanent part of our community.   It is therefore, important that we all get on well together, and that we have mutual respect for each other in spite of cultural and religious differences. If we can do this we will have gone a long way towards having an integrated community.


Democratic Republic of Congo - Profile part 1
Belgian control 1885-1908


Democratic Republic of Congo - Profile part 3
The worlds Forgotten Battleground



Our sincere thanks to George Jameson who researched and wrote these profiles.  Click on these links to see Profile Part 1 and Profile Part 2 

 It has been 52 years since the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) gained independence from Belgium. Today, one could argue that some sort of stability had been established in the country during the first tentative steps toward a democratic state. This however is not the case and with a brief summary of the first few years of the DRC's road to independence this myth can be quite easily shattered.

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