New report on human trafficking highlights low number of prosecutions
The Immigrant Council of Ireland said this shows a “clear need for a fresh approach to identifying victims”.  Read more


Way we treat asylum seekers will be State's next apology The Irish Times - Monday, February 25, 2013
This Article by Ann Marie Hourihan, written in the light of the recent Magdalene Laundry apology,  reflects on the already well documented facts concerning the negative effects of the Direct Provision System  Read more

The same issue of the Irish Times, in its Letters to the Editor Section also published a letter on the same topic.  Read more  


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Asylum is almost impossibility for 'sex slave' women Sun10 March 13.
This article by Jim Cusac reports on how the Courts turning down 'nearly all' applications from Africans who say they've fled traffickers.  Read more

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