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Ireland could be 'safe haven' for traffickers
Ann Cahill and Stephen Rogers, Irish Exmainer, June 21, 2012

Rural Hell of Ireland's Sex Slaves: 1 July 2008, Louise Horgan,

Out of Africa into a murky unknown: 1 June 2008, Maeve Sheehan,

Ireland a target for human traffickers: 7 June 2008, Stephen Rogers, Irish Examiner

State urged to consider bill over trafficking: 22 November 2007, Irish Examiner

Boy suspected of being trafficking victim remanded in custody again: 28 June 2008, Tom Tuite, Irish Times

Study highlights sex trafficking in Ireland: 18 October 2007, RTE News

Victims of labour trafficking still falling through the net:  6 June 2008, Press Release, Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland


OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION    this 2012 Website is current and up to date.  a series of articles published up to 2007 Information on the Trafficking of Women and Children. Human Trafficking, modern day slavery - the Republic of Ireland. An account of measures being taken by the Irish government to tackle the crime of human trafficking. Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign Website. Trafficking and the Irish Sex Industry - Article in Working Notes issue 55, Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, 2007.



OPEN SECRETS - free Kindle download

OPEN SECRETS - free Kindle download

Open Secrets: An Irish Perspective on Trafficking and Witchcraft. To mark the first anniversary of its publication the Kindle version of the Book is now being made available free of charge and can be downloaded from  Hard copies of the book are still available for purchase directly from the SMA Justice Office, African Missions, Wilton, Cork. Email:  Cost: €19.10  


Choose all that will bring life

Choose all that will bring life

Recently a friend working with refugees, told me “We are getting asylum seekers now from Syria and Iraq”.  The United Nations Refugee Agency reported that in 2014 there was a...

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