5 Do Catholics adore pictures and images and use medals as charms?
They do not. Pictures and images help to remind us of Our Lord, Mary and the Saints. You keep photos of those you love to remind you of them. Catholics do the same thing. They keep pictures of Christ and others whom they love, as reminders of them. They are praying aids. We pray to the person, not to the picture.

Medals are not charms. The medal is a piece of tin or silver and has no power in itself. It does not give us power over God or the saints which might force them to grant our request, once we have said certain prayers or performed certain actions. It does not work automatically as charms are expected to do.

A medal of Our Lady reminds us of the love Mary has for us her children. It also reminds us to pray to her, confident in the hope that she will ask Jesus to help us just as she did at the wedding feast of Cana.

The Church through the priest gives medals a special blessing so we look upon them as holy things to be treated with respect and reverence as we would treat something blessed by Christ Himself.

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