header  This section contains a series of questions and answers aimed at giving readers a deeper understanding ot the Catholic Faith and Church.  These will be built up over a period of time.

1. Why do Catholics drink Alcohol since it is forbidden in the Bible?   Answer                                     
2. Why do Christians attend Church on Sunday rather than on Saturday, the original Sabbath?    Answer
3. Why do Catholics not drink from the Chalice at Holy Communion?   Answer  4. Why do Catholics light candles during Mass?   Answer
5.  Do Catholics adore pictures and images and use medals as charms?  Answer        

6. Did God not forbid us to make Images?  Answer 

7. Why do Catholics honour Mary?  Answer 8. In Timothy 2 we read that there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Then why do Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary to make intercession for them?  Answer
9. I cannot accept the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. It is not in the Bible  Answer 10. Catholics take all their doctrines from their Church not from the Bible.  Answer
 11. Catholics believe a lot of things that are not explicitly state in the Bible.  A Christian should not be asked to do this. Answer 12.  Can you show it to me in the Bible?   Answer
 13. The Bible - how should we approach it?  Answer  14. Why should I confess my sins to a fellow man when I can go direct to God?  I don't need a priest to forgive me.   Answer
15.  How can a Priest forgive Sin?  Answer  16.  I think Catholics often sin because they know how it is easy to be forgiven in Confession?  Answer
17.  If someone is not able to go to Confession, can he pray honestly and go to Holy Communion?   Answer 18.  Why must Christians marry in Church?   Answer
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