8. In Timothy 2 we read that there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Then why do Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary to make intercession for them?
We always have direct access to Christ, the one mediator "who lives forever to make intercession for those who approach God through Him". (Hebrews 7:25). He is the principal mediator.  The prayers of Mary do not ignore Jesus.  In fact they depend on His all-powerful prayers and saving work.  The best way to understand the role of Mary is to look at what happened at the Marriage Feast of Cana.  There Jesus worked his first miracle in answer to her request. (John 2:3).  Now that Mary is in heaven she has no less interest in us, less power of intercession that she had when she was on earth.  At Cana Mary did not take the place of Christ.  Her request depended on the power of Christ.

When we are in trouble we ask other people to pray for us and in traditional religion we ask that ancestors for help . Whey then should we not ask our mother Mary, the holiest and closest person to God that ever lived, to pray for us.  Throughout the Bible the practice of asking the prayers of others is recommended, "Pray for one another for the healing of your souls: (James 5:16). There is only one healer and teacher – Jesus Christ and yet we have doctors and teachers in our hospitals and schools who mediate Christ's healing and teaching power.  It is the same with Mary.  Her prayers for us depend on the all-powerful work of Jesus and she helps to make his power effective, just as doctors help to make the healing power of Christ effective.       Return to Faith Matters