7. Why do Catholics honour Mary?mary
Catholics honour Mary because God himself honoured her. He honoured her above all other creatures by making her his mother.  We talk about accepting Jesus as our personal Saviour but we can't accept Jesus and at the same time reject his mother. The Jesus of the Bible is not a Jesus dropped directly down from Heaven, but Jesus, "born of the Virgin Mary"; a Jesus who at the marriage feast of Cana worked his first miracle at Mary's request, a Jesus who as he was dying on the cross made her the mother of the whole human race, when he said to John who represented the whole of humanity: '"Son behold thy mother".
When we praise a picture that has been painted, it is really the artist we are praising. When we praise and honour Mary it is really God we are praising and honouring because her holiness was the work of God in her.         Return to Faith Matters