Statistical Overview for 2010
During the year a total of 1,939 applications for asylum were made – this is the lowest number since 1996.  Eurostat figures now show that Ireland is now the 25th lowest of 27 European countries with respect to the granting of refugee status to asylum seekers.  The current rejection rate of 99% in Ireland compares with 76% in both Britain and Germany.  By way of example of 299 applications processed in Nov/Dec 2010 only ONE applicant was recognized at first instance (i.e. on the basis of their initial application and not through appeal) as a refugee.

During 2010 the top Countries of Origin of new asylum applicants in 2010 were Nigeria: 20%; China: 12%; Pakistan: 10%; DR Congo: 4%; Afghanistan: 4%.

From 1 Jan-31 Dec 2010 a total of 1,034 Deportation Orders were signed, of which 290 were effected (ie 290 people actually removed from the State).  During the year there were also 461 Voluntary Returns.

As of the beginning of 2011 a total of 42 Direct Provision were operating in Ireland with a Capacity for 6,395 but an actual residency of 5,582, people.